Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cheering Mrs Welshrunner at 3M

Nancy ran the 3M half marathon this morning - her first half marathon. It was a beautiful morning - perfect for running. Gavin and I had trail mix and chocolate milk for a picnic and we planned on meeting her at mile 8 and again at the finish line. We stayed for the start of the race, but didn't spot her in the throng of runners, so we hopped in the car and drove down to Koenig, where we hoped to catch her as she passed.

We sat down at the side of Lamar, enjoyed our picnic and pretty soon the lead pack came by. Wow, these guys could move. Pretty soon, the rest of the field started coming by. I couldn't believe how many people I knew (I saw James, George, Anna, Jim, Brian, Rebecca, Janice, Dave, Tony, Ed, Celeste and a bunch of others), and I'd forgotten how much fun being a spectator could be. Gavin and I had a great time playing and watching the runners. We cheered when Nancy came past - she stopped for a hug and looked like she was having a great time and then took off again. Once she passed, we jumped back in the car and drove off to the finish line.

We found a nice spot about 400 yards away from the finish line where we could watch the runners come in. Gavin found something to play with, and I alternated between playing with him and watching the race. He had his own race set up, doing laps between the garage wall and charging into the side of the leg. Every now and then I'd swoop as he came close and throw him up in the air. We were having a grand old time. When Nancy came through we both cheered again and set off to find her in the finisher's area. There were a bunch of people there but we finally found her. She'd looked good every time I'd seen her out on the course and she was happy but tired. By now Gavin was ready to go home too, so we walked a few blocks and then I went to get the car.

I'm so proud of her. She stuck to the schedule I laid out, we built up her long runs together and I knew she was ready.

Postscript : She may have been tired, but that didn't stop her going "reward" shopping this afternoon!!!

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