Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Longest Run

In preparation for the Rocky Raccoon, I did the longest run of my life this morning - 33.1 miles. I got to Old Settler's Park just before 5am and did a 10 mile run by myself (8:30 average pace). It was a beautiful morning, cold and clear with a sky full of stars, but it was very dark. Got back to the pavilion just in time to head back out with my running group for another 10 miles (8:18 average pace). Then I met up with Nancy and paced her to her first half marathon (13.1 miles - 12:30 average pace). This was her longest run prior to the 3M half marathon. She was only supposed to do 12 miles but she wanted to do the extra mile and a bit and snag the full distance - I was so proud of her. She had some tough moments but pushed through them and came through in the end. She's come a long way since she started running 3 milers around Lake Pflugerville last August - I have no doubts she will complete 3M.

As for me, I didn't eat anything other than half a packet of shot blocs and was running on empty by the end of the half marathon, but I knew that going out. More worrying was my right knee which started playing up again - I forgot my patella band which didn't help. Another problem was the top of my right foot which seems to be bruised and started giving me some problems during the last 10k or so. I first noticed this problem while in the UK and I'd hoped it had gone away, but no luck. I "enjoyed" the ice bath torture when I got home and I've been icing my foot and knee regularly all day. I'm looking forward to enjoying the softer trails of Rocky Raccoon which is now three weeks away.

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