Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunshine and Rain

Contemplating life, the passage of time, and the possibility of an ice cream

My parents looked after the boys a few days ago so Nancy and myself could catch a train and spend the day in Cardiff (capitol city of Wales).  There were a group of girls sitting opposite us on the train, headed up to visit the campus of the University of Wales, and it occurred to me that this coming year most of the people who start university would not have even been born when I graduated.

That's a scary thought.

Other than that, we had a great day in Cardiff.  It was a lovely cool sunny morning and we walked our feet off exploring the city.  Of course, the rain started in the afternoon, and by the time we caught the train home it was coming down in sheets.

We didn't have a camera with us, so no pictures of Cardiff Castle, the bunch of lads wearing sombreros and drinking Fosters at Neath railway station at 9am, or the ridiculous pair of shoes that Nancy spotted.  But we've been lucky to enjoy some sunshine this past week, and here are some other photos from the past few days.

Nancy, Dylan and my mum at Cafe Remos

Is it a trick of the light, or is that sunshine?

Despite the sun, the pool was really cold.  During the course of the day, I pulled both boys into the pool.  Yes, I really am that evil.  In my defense, they were both in the process of trying to push me in - I just brought them with me.  Gavin was really mad at me until I grabbed Dylan and pulled him in as well. Then he was happy.

Having a few beers with my uncle and aunt

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