Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Classic Inverse Taper

My Halloween costume, or do I just need a shave?
It seems that the San Antonio marathon is in two weeks time.  How did that happen?  It appears to have snuck up on me, and this may be the most unprepared I've ever been for a marathon.  I've even considered dropping down to the half, but what the hell - we'll just see how it goes.

I've hardly run for the last two weeks - a combination of a persistent sinus infection, being on the road, cranking up the overtime hours and just plain old laziness.

Oh, and I did do a bit of work building a new desk for my home office.

My new home office desk - fresh out of my woodwork shop

And as for running?  Well most of my long runs have topped out at 13-15 miles.  So I figure the only solution is to crank up the miles from now until race day.  It's funny - last year I was training like crazy, on my way to a massive PR at White Rock.  This year I don't think I'm going to get anywhere close to that time, but you know what, who cares?  Life is in a much better place now than it was back then.  I'll take that trade.

But on to the classic inverse taper.  Today I did 20 miles.  I plan on doing another 20+ miler next weekend, and then the marathon is the weekend after.

And it seems that Fall has finally come to Austin - it was low 40s this morning.  Sweet - we're getting into my element.

And being the planning genius I am, of course I didn't realize that Dylan had eaten the last banana. So no pre-run breakfast.  No biggie - I've run on empty before.  Gels, energy gu?  Oh, don't have any in the house.  No problem - I hardly ever use them in training anyway.  Gatorade?  No, can't be bothered.  I think one handheld of water should see me home.  And off I went - la la la.

And it went pretty well.  I ran to downtown, met some friends to run the middle section with, and then carried on by myself.  Still doing good.  Until about mile 17 when the leg cramps started, and my pace dropped dramatically.  Well at least most of the hills were done.  And there was a beautiful blood red sun rising on a classic Fall morning to keep me interested.  Plenty of training groups out and about - not going to let any of them pass me.

They didn't.

So I hit 20 miles in around 2 hours 50 minutes, and ended up averaging in the 8:30s - none too shabby considering my usual lack of preparation.  Made it the whole way around on one handheld - amazing the difference the weather makes.  Definitely need to put some miles into these old legs though - they're not getting any younger :-)

All in all it's been a busy weekend so far.  Yesterday I got home from a business trip just in time to pick up the boys and take them to Gavin's school Halloween party - Hootenany.  Then after this morning's run, we went to the Austin ISD fitness expo, where Gavin got to try out a bunch of new sports (like boxing).  We enjoyed lunch at a great little Mediterranean cafe, and I'm currently catching up on some more work while Dylan naps.  There are plans for several other things before we close the doors on the world and settle down for a good old fashioned scary movie.

And it's funny - every time I go away it seems that Dylan has grown by the time I get home.  And let me tell you - that boy missed his daddy, because he was my boy last night.  I've never gotten such a great welcome, and he fell asleep cuddled up with me in the chair, while we watched a recording of the wrestling show I took Gavin to see last week.

And speaking of the Gavster, he lost another baby tooth this week - one of his front ones.  The other is loose and no doubt will be dropping out before long, so how's this for a Halloween picture?


K said...

You know what I love? I love visiting your little space on the web and seeing you enjoying life, especially the important things in life! I think our pages are similar right now. And that sweet boy??? Adorable!!!
You are a blessed man, Mark. So happy you have found your happy pace...LOL

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