Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mrs Welshrunner Chases Pigs in Huntsville

Last Friday I loaded Gavin, Nancy, my parents and myself up in the car to drive to Huntsville for the Hog's Hunt race. It was Nancy's first trail race - she was running the 25k. Friday was a wet and dirty day, but the forecast was much better for Saturday - race day. We stopped off at the park for packet pickup before going for a fantastic meal at Margarita's Mexican restaurant, then retired early.

The plan was for me to take Nancy to the park early and see her off, then go back to the hotel to pick up Gavin and my parents. We arrived at the park, staked out our spot on the approach to the start/finish area, and set up Gavin's "shark tent" and some camping chairs. Saw a couple of friends off for the 50k, and it wasn't long before the 25kers were called. It had turned into a perfect morning for running and I hoped Nancy would enjoy the park as much as I do. The race course followed the road for the first mile, so I hung around for a while to let the runners clear before driving back to the hotel. Picked everyone up and checked out, then stopped off at Wal Mart to get some stuff to BBQ before heading back to the park. We settled in and Gavin had a great time. He loves his tent and found a couple of friends to play with. I watched the 50kers coming in from their first loop. Cheered on Jeff as he finished his first loop, and he took some time out to visit before setting out again.

Nancy came in around 3:22 looking good, and I was waiting with the camera. She said she'd walked a bit, but for her first time I thought she did really well and she seemed very pleased with herself. I started the BBQ and cheered the 50k runners in. Larry did really well to finish 3rd overall, and Jeff came in looking strong. We hung around in the park for a few hours enjoying the atmosphere and chatting to friends before heading off to Galveston for a few days break by the sea.

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